Ancient Indian traditions have scientific reasons behind them. One such tradition is to have food on the floor. Yes, no dining tables!


When you sit on the floor, you sit crossed legs in Sukhasana. Sukhasana is a subset of Padmasana. Unlike Padmasana in Sukhasana, the legs are not inter-locked but a posture is a form of Padmasana or mudra which helps in reduction of gastric problems.

When you eat food while sitting on the floor, you bend forward and backwards to eat the food. This forward and backward movement activates stomach muscles resulting in secretion of stomach acids that help digest food easily.

Having food in Sukhasana, helps in controlling weight gain. If you sit on the floor, your mind becomes calm, nerves are relaxed. This results in better focus on food. A calm mind sends signals to the stomach to increase the secretion of stomach acids. Likewise, the stomach sends a signal to the mind that a sufficient amount of food has been consumed and thus saves you from overeating.


Sitting on the floor instead of chairs results in the exercise of body muscles- knees, thighs, stomach, upper and lower abdomen.

Sitting and getting up from the floor requires a lot of strength. In one of the studies, it has been found that senior people sitting in Padmasana or Sukhasana can stand up without any support. Thus having food on the floor enhances the life expectancy of such people.


The benefit of eating on the floor results in the correction of body posture. Eating food while sitting in Sukhasana posture does not lead to shoulder, spinal cord and back problems thereby preventing premature ageing of the body.


Eating food while sitting on the floor results in better blood circulation. Thus heart easily pumps blood to all organs. However, when you eat food on dining table blood circulation is obstructed and heart has to pump harder to ensure proper blood circulation. Thus eating on the floor reduces the risks of a heart attack.

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