cure for sure

cure for sure

Also known as Diaphragmatic Breathing.
Abdominal breathing is the natural way of breathing in line with the structure of our body. Inhalation pushes the diaphragm muscles downward which releases the abdominal organs outward which results in expansion of the belly. Exhalation pulls the diaphragm upward cause the flattering of the abdomen.
In moments of stress and worry our breathing becomes heavily chest oriented instead of the more relaxing abdominal breath. The unconscious use of this more rapid form of breathing creates a heightened state of tension. to break this unfavourable cycle, slow and deep abdominal breathing is of great assistance.
Abdominal breathing improves lung capacity and makes the breathing rhythmic and Deep.

cure for sure
How to do:
1. Either sit in cross leg position or lie down with legs bend at the knee. One hand on the lower abdomen near the navel.
2. Now take a deep breath in and out and observe the movements of the abdomen how it is coming up when you are Inhaling and it is flattering when you are exhaling.

1. Digestive organs stay active.
2. Reduces fat collected around the abdomen.
3. Improves breathing and vital capacity.
4.  Leads to quietude and inner harmony.
5. Sedative effect on the nervous system, relaxes the entire body.


Nisha Yadav ( Yoga expert )

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