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Pranayama – Intercostal Breathing

  By Pauravi Parekh  Breathe start when a human is born and last till the person die, but do we know how we breathe? We naturally breathe but if we know howRead More…

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Pranayama (Equal Breathing)

By Pauravi Parekh  Equal Breathing also called as “ Sama Vritti”. In Sanskrit Sama means equal and vritti means rotation /flow. It means the equal duration of inhalation and exhalation, in thisRead More…



By Pauravi Parekh  Nowadays due to our busy and fast forward life, we miss out to care about our mind and body and most of the time we care about money, justRead More…

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Spiritual Meditation

By Pauravi Parekh  Meditation is been in practice for many years and the only reason that people believe in it is that “it works”. It is a task to clam your mindRead More…

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Mindfulness Meditation

By Pauravi Parekh  In today’s busy world your mind is multitasking when you are eating your meal, you are also working on the computer having a conversation, while cleaning the house yourRead More…

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In today’s world Meditation is commonly used words and many of us also do it. TV and internet as helped a lot., we start with enthusiasm and latter we stop, it feelsRead More…