In Ayurveda, a sutra has written that the sugar which is used to get them from food should not be disturbed to digests in the stomach. There should not be any other food which creates problem indigestion on natural sugar.

This sutra is given around three and a half thousand years ago. The people who gave such sutra were so great and they were so advanced in human science they know that the sugar that you want to get in the form of food should be digested quickly and do not eat anything that comes in the way of intermittent digestion. Currently, scientists have proved this.

You will be shocked that all the scientists have taken the same name and The name is sugar, yes the sugar that you drink in tea coffee and use in our day to day life.

Now if you say then what to eat in its place. The answer is that eat jaggery. Now You will say what is the difference between jaggery and sugar.

There is a lot of difference between this two, to make sugar they mix many chemicals in sugarcane juice like styrene, divinyl acetylene benzoyl, benzoyl peroxide, polyvinyl alcohol, bentonite, concentrated sulfuric acid, methacrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, methyl chloride, diethylenetriamine (DETA) etc. And all of them are the poison that goes inside the body but never comes out.

Jaggery is the only stuff which is pure no poisonous chemical is used to prepare, they take sugarcane juice and they heat it and becomes jaggery. they Only mix milk to make no other artificial stuff or chemicals.

There is one more good thing which is better than jaggery that you can eat also, the molasses (kakvi). If

The molasses (kakvi) are even better than jaggery, jaggery is good but if you getting molasses (kakvi) go for it.

A one can store molasses (kakvi) for one year comfortably, rice of jaggery and molasses (Kakvi) are same as a sphere. If you get a molasses, then understand that you got best if you don’t get molasses, and you got jaggery also it’s better, but sugar is not good for our health.

So far you have been thinking that what this molasses (kakvi). Molasses mean that the juice of sugarcane begins to heat when it starts to become thicker there is some liquid part which they remove that liquid is called molasses (kakvi). Wherever you found fresh jaggery you will get molasses (kakvi).

You have a small request from me that remove this sugar from your home. This sugar has destroyed the whole world.

Now interesting information is that leaving India and there is a huge demand for jaggery and molasses in world countries. Because the food items made from sugar spoils quickly and does not have good quality, but the sweets made from jaggery does not spoil for many months and have good quality

Remember one thing as jaggery and sugar. If you eat sugar, there are so many harmful ingredients that do not get digested easily and effect on your body is not good, And if you eat jaggery then whatever you had with it that also get digest easily. The body can easily digest jaggery.

It takes about 6-7 hours to digest sugar and it can be consumed by only 4 hours and 40 minutes. That is why one should eat jaggery in meal; no need to eat sugar at all.

If you follow this ayurvedic sutra (formula), you will never have an illness like diabetes, arthritis, asthma and other 148 serious illnesses. So Please remove this sugar from your life, because we are getting a good amount of natural sugar from fruits and other eatable things, this sugar is a major obstacle in the way of digestion.

Remember one thing if there is anything to be removed from your life that is sugar Eat more jaggery and molasses.


Vivek Trivedi

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