Ayurveda means knowledge (veda) of life (ayu) which includes balance of doshas, digestive fire (agni), and tissues (dhatus), proper elimination of waste products, and healthy atma, mana, and organs. Sadvritta is all about principles of right conduct for maintaining healthy mind. Practicing them gives balance and peace to the mind, and a healthy body.


They are:

  • Always speak the truth
  • Control your temper under any situations
  • Always speak politely and speak good words

  • Meditate everyday

  • Be patient
  • Try to distribute knowledge and money to others
  • Give respect to Almighty, and elderly individuals
  • Follow a daily routine (dinacharya)
  • Control your sense organs


The following practices must be avoided according to Ayurveda

  • Avoid binge-eating, over drinking, excess sexual activity and sleep

  • Do not harm anyone including tiny creatures, and social animals (himsa)
  • Do not get addicted to sensory pleasures
  • Theft
  • Lying to others
  • Meaningless and ugly conversation
  • Desire for other’s possessions
  • Atheism

These codes of conduct have been stated in various Ayurvedic scriptures for a strong and healthy mind, which will lead to balance in tridoshas and eventually health. Preservation of health and sufferings of the ill can be improved by following a daily routine (dinacharya) and sadvritta.


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