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Sitkari /Seetkari Pranayama

Sitkari pranayama is a Sanskrit term for Hissing Breath. Seetkari pranayama is similar to sheetali or sitali which helps to cool down the body temperature. Try practising pranayama on empty stomach.  Read More…

cure for sure

Preparing for pregnancy part II

  In my previous article, we discussed how we should prepare our body for pregnancy.  Is mental or emotional health equally important, during and pre-post pregnancy? YES!!! It is very important forRead More…

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Bhramari Pranayama

  Bhramari comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Bramar’ – a black Indian bee. The resounding echo of the sound made by a humming bee is replicated in the practice of this Pranayama.Read More…

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When you are angry try these things

 How Anger management helps you   Anger is destructive, makes you upset, increases stress level. It can hurt you personally as well as in professional relationships. It affects emotionally and physically. It increasesRead More…