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Panchamrit is an essential requirement for any pooja according to the Hindu religion. It is the divine offering to the deities and used during Abhisheka. The word is a combination of two words, Pancha (five) and Amrut (divineRead More…


Varsha Ritucharya: – Monsoon Regimen

  In Ayurvedic scriptures, seasons (ritus) are very well explained along with dietary measures and lifestyle changes in respective season. But sudden change in the season leads to many abnormal functions insideRead More…


Brahmi- A Brainy Herb

The herb is known by different names. It is known as Brahmi in Hindi, Water Hyssop in English and its botanical name is Bacopa monnieri. It finds mention in a number ofRead More…

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The Best Way Of Reducing Weight Loss Is Drinking Fennel Water Every Day

Fennel seeds are also known as saunf (variyali). It was considered to be auspicious in ancient times. Every kitchen has fennel seeds. It is used to add flavours in salads, curries andRead More…


Guduchi- The Root of Immortality.

Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi) is a large, smooth, perennial, deciduous, climbing shrub of weak and fleshy stem found throughout India. It is a widely used plant in Ayurvedic systems of medicine. Guduchi, the SanskritRead More…


Ritu Sandhi: Seasonal Transition

Ayurveda is not merely medical science, but it is the science of life. The aim of Ayurveda is to prevent disease and to maintain health. Acharya Charaka has explained that the strengthRead More…

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Amla- The Exceptional Berry

  Keywords: Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica or Indian Gooseberry) is native to India and grows in tropical and subtropical conditions. Thus, it has been extensively used in many parts of India as traditionalRead More…


What Is Smokers Cough?

What is smokers cough? People who smoke regular develops a cough. This cough is caused by the body clearing out the chemicals that entered in the airways and lungs through tobacco use.Read More…