Vrukshasana is a Sanskrit word for Tree Pose. Vruksha meaning tree and asana meaning pose are generally performed for balancing and concentration.


        How to perform Vrukshasana or Tree Pose


  • Stand straight with arms by the side of your body.


  1. Firmly place the right foot on the left thigh/groin. Make sure your left foot is straight and balanced.
  2. Once you are well balanced, inhale and raise your arms over your head with palms joined.
  3. To improve your balance, look at a distant object in front of you. 
  4. Keep your spine erect and abdominals pulled inside. Inhale deeply and try to ease your body with each exhalation, with a gentle smile on your face.
  5. Hold this for 30 seconds to one minute and slowly bring down your hands, releasing the right leg.
  6. Repeat the same for left leg.


       Benefits of Vrukshasana:-

  • Strengthens hips, thighs, calves, ankles and spine
  • Stretches groin and inner thigh, chest and shoulders
  • Improves balance, stamina and concentration.
  • Relieves sciatica
  • Calms and relieves stress.


Contraindications of the Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)


Avoid doing this posture if you are suffering from migraine, insomnia, low or high blood pressure (those with high blood pressure may do this pose but without raising their hands overhead, as this may further raise their blood pressure).


 Modifications & Variations
Beginners may have difficulty maintaining balance during the Tree Pose. One way to help maintain balance is to stand next to a wall or chair and use one of those options as a way of practicing the pose. Once you are comfortable with standing on one foot, you can slowly increase the time you stand without bracing against the wall or chair.

Advanced modification of the Tree Pose is to close your eyes. Learning to balance while not being able to see can be difficult, but it will help you visualize your body grounded to earth.


Hetal Trivedi ( Yoga Expert )

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