Prostate/  पौरुष ग्रंथी/ अष्ठीला ग्रंथी 

Prostate/  पौरुष ग्रंथी/ अष्ठीला ग्रंथी 

The human body has many glands. One of them is PROSTATE GLAND.  

— It is situated between urinary bladder and penis. 

— It is a walnut-sized gland. 

— It is found in man only not in the female.  

— Urethra is an important part of the urinary system of the body. It runs through the centre of the prostate gland, from the urinary bladder to the penis. It helps or allows the urine to flow out of the body. 

— it plays an important role in sexual life or reproduction. Prostate gland secrets fluid which nourishes saves the sperms.  

Prostate/  पौरुष ग्रंथी/ अष्ठीला ग्रंथी 

Symptoms of prostate problems :  


* In older age frequency of pain or stiffness in the back or lower back increases. 

* Person passes urine frequently. 

* Get up 2 – 3 or more times during the night to urinate.  

* Maybe blood in urine or semen. 

* Pain in the penis at the time of ejaculation. 

* Burning micturition or pain while passing urine. 

* Off and on pain in thighs, hips, penis or rectum region. 

* Most important symptom is dribbling of urine. 

* Two or more streams of urine while urinates. 


Helps in prostate problems


 — Salmon: It contains healthy fat which contains Omega-3 fatty acid.  

— Coldwater fish. 

— Antioxidants are good for persons having prostate problems. 

— Tomato contains antioxidant known as Lycopene. 

— Helps in reducing inflammation of cells. B


To Avoid :  


* Red meat . 

* Dairy products. 

* Caffeine. 

* Alcohol. 

* Smoking.  

* Sodium. 




For benign prostate gland medicine  

For malignant prostate surgery required. 


Note:  This is for your knowledge only not for any personal advice or treatment. When you have any problem just consult your family physician first.


Dr Shyamsundar Sharma

 B.A.M.S. ( Mum), B.Sc., Ayurvedic Physician, Panchakarma expert. 


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