Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV detox

Start your day with apple cider vinegar detox. ACV is not only for dressing salads but it is also used in medicinal ways.    Benefits of ACV detox ACV Detox removes toxinsRead More…

fennel water

The Best Way Of Reducing Weight Loss Is Drinking Fennel Water Every Day

Fennel seeds are also known as saunf (variyali). It was considered to be auspicious in ancient times. Every kitchen has fennel seeds. It is used to add flavours in salads, curries andRead More…

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A Simple Recipe To Resolve Constipation Problem

People these days face chronic constipation problem, as their digestive system is weak. One must take very good care of their digestive system. The large intestine also known as colon have toRead More…

cure for sure


  As per circumstances of COVID-19 COVID-19: AYUSH Ministry recommends taking ‘AYUSH KWATH’ formulation to enhance immunity; Know the recipe The AYUSH Ministry says taking ‘AYUSH KWATH’ formulation can help boost theRead More…


DETOX GREEN WATER RECIPE (Cucumber / Lemon/ Tulsi / Mint)

Ingredients: Mineral water 1 lemon 1 cucumber 8 to 10 mint leaves 5 tulsi leaves Preparation: Wash the ingredients. Cut the cucumber and lemon into rings. (Keep the skin of the cucumber)Read More…


Acidulated Detox Water Recipe

ACIDULATED DETOX WATER RECIPE (Strawberry / Lemon / Basil) As summer arrives with its high temperatures, we can only beat the heat by staying well hydrated. Water is the best beverage choiceRead More…